November 04, 2017 CatSkills New York USA Americas

Nana’s Creative Cafe in Woodstock
Non-smokers friendly
Quick Eats

A small eatery in the heart of Woodstock which opens early for breakfast and also serves lunch. White stickers on the glass, two tables outside, I felt attracted to the place and decided to stop for a bite. A display fridge, dozens of cakes to choose from and cookies, bagels and a selection of sandwiches. I had three orders before continuing on the road to Manhattan.


Two eggs, crunchy bacon, avocado, tomatoes, melting cheese and homemade salsa. This is the breakfast burrito wrapped in a whole wheat soft tortilla dough. A cream cheese bagel, lightly heated, enjoyably chewy like a real bagel should be. A bowl of milk with granola and fresh fruits.


Several choices of freshly brewed coffee, an open kitchen, positive vibes, the place is relaxing and the food is good. Enjoying this stop.

Categories: Breakfast & Coffee
Suitable For: Quick Eats


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