July 02, 2021

New study shows the price of coffee in 104 countries around the world

Coffee is loved around the world, not only for its taste and versatility but also because it helps us wake up and feel more productive.

But every nation has its own unique relationship with the caffeinated drink, meaning consumption and cost vary a lot from country to country.

To find out just how much these costs vary, personal finance experts at SavingSpot conducted comprehensive research to reveal the cheapest and most expensive cities for buying a coffee.

But the team didn't stop there, they also calculated coffee consumption habits around the world based on Statista data, revealing which cities drink and spend the most.

So, where in the world can you expect to be served the cheapest coffee? And which countries are the biggest drinkers?


This project is part of a series of content campaigns commissioned by frugal living blog SavingSpot (managed by the CashNetUSA team).

Categories: Coffee, Wine & Drinks


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