March 21, 2015

NoGarlicNoOnions' "THE BOX" is Out: A Unique Goodie Box from the Villages of LEBANON (Product Discontinued)

Fine things, delivered

For the past two years No Garlic No Onions (NGNO) has been scouring Lebanon and beyond to discover the very finest culinary creations the world over. NGNO prides itself in discovering the very best edible treats, no matter where they might be found. This quest arose from a very specific need: The desire of our readers to discover the best food in the world, no matter where it might be.

We're always talking to our followers on social media, there are over 50,000 foodies following us, and their issue was simple: They wanted to be able to travel to a new location, be it in Lebanon, or when they’re on holiday or a business trip, and be able to head down to the best restaurants, fast food joints, or specialist dessert places without having to run around in circles, wasting their precious time hunting for local recommendations. They told us that they often wasted hours searching for out of the way places, sometimes not finding them at all.


Their excitement often gave way to frustration.

So, to help our loyal fans discover the finest foods in the world, we came up with The Box.

The NGNO Box, The Discovery Box, The Gourmet Box...

The Box is a creative solution to a foodie's nightmare. It's born from the desire to spread our love of food and to share our discoveries with people who are just as passionate as ourselves.

What is inside The BOX

A package of wonderful things, The Box is a little parcel of treasures that we'll distribute at the beginning of every month. Packed with the best discoveries of the past month, it'll be full of local, regional and international treats, bringing the best the world has to offer to your door. We're not limiting ourselves to food, though there'll be plenty of delectable bites, but we'll also include drinks, gadgets, books and anything else that tickles our fancy. The excitement of opening up a handpicked selection of the finer things in life, it'll be a wonderful gift at the start of the month.

Expect nothing less than tantalizing bites including... maybe a unique limited edition wine bottle; a rare dessert found only in North, a tyme mix only available in the South... and the list continues... so let your imagination flow... or register to own your very own box.

The Box Teaser

What to expect

A culinary gadget, a cooking book, a fine drink, authentic food from the village, homemade desserts, sweets and savory goods, artisanal bread, kaak from the bekaa, special wines from Lebanon, Zubaa Zaatar picked by hand, Labneh, olive oil... the list is endless.

The Box is guaranteed to amaze, The Box is your new lifestyle, The Box is the key to your country’s hidden wonders.

You can subscribe to “The Box” for $75, including delivery charges, t​o receive the items found in The Box, which will include a varied selection of premium discoveries.

Inside The Box you will find the prices of each item and where you can buy them for yourself. So, in addition to discovering new tastes, you'll also be able to enjoy them again, whenever you want.

We're excited; we hope you will be, too. Lebanon and the world beyond are full of great culinary ideas, not to mention gadgets, books and more, but finding the best of the best can be a hard task. With The Box, we've done the hard work for you, we'll source the items, package them together and deliver them right you, and then you can take it from there.

This is new; this is nothing short of personal shopping, done internationally. Let us guide you through the culinary maze and bring you something great.

Subscribe to The Box by visiting the following URL:

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