September 21, 2019 Istanbul Turkey Middle East

Nusr-Et Burger Istanbul: An Overrated Experience

Nusr-Et, once meat restaurant in Etiler has expended all around Istanbul and the world. From a "meat" fine dining restaurant, you have to book weeks in advance to other casual eateries of which I’ve tried many; the one in D-Maris hotel and today in Nisantasi on the hills of Istanbul. Meat is the specialty and here they sell burgers alongside other salads and steaks: a small restaurant, a couple of tables and a terrace on the sidewalk. Crowded, loud, and dimmed, we sat in front of the open kitchen for my last lunch in Istanbul before returning to Beirut.


We ordered the lokum burger: special zone burger with caramelized onions, cheddar, and French fries. The meatballs: five of them, with a bucket of fries.

Good food, like any food you find around the city... is it a must? No. Does it deserve all that hype? No. Did I feel something exceptional and life-changing when I ate it? No.

The fries on another hand are really good!


Anyway, visit Nusr-Et once just to have it on your list of visited restaurants. I’ve been two times in the last month without feeling anything.



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