June 03, 2021

NYC restaurants only known by locals

When it comes to food, The Big Apple has a lot of great things to offer. There are thousands of restaurants to choose from, but there are always hidden gems that only locals know about. If you are not a local, you probably won't find these places on your own. Luckily for you, we have created a list of our great NYC restaurants only known by locals.

Blue Dog Kitchen

This is one of those places where even fast-living New Yorkers don't mind waiting in line. The Blue Dog Cafe has several locations scattered across the city, but the one on 56th street is a customer favorite. They offer upscale comfort food like French toast and fries. Their food will make you feel like you grew up eating there. Moreover, they give complimentary banana bread and jam alongside every order.  The restaurant is decorated in boho style, which provides it with a mysterious vibe.

The Pig 'N Whistle

If you move from the UK and find yourself missing home while in New York City, take a trip to The Pig 'N Whistle. According to moving experts at usantini.com, people that move to New York from the UK mostly miss the food. This restaurant is on 36th street, close to Broadway. They advertise the cafe as a Rugby Bar, so it should hit home if you are from the UK. One of the best dishes is the crab cakes with curry aioli, but you can't go wrong with any of the pub specials. If you are looking for a great place to chill and grab some great food and a couple of drinks, this place is for you!

The Keg Room

The Keg Room offers a Brie-beer dip that is one of the best things you can eat in entire New York City. A bowl of steaming beer and cheese dip comes to your table alongside soft pretzels. The mix of those two makes a heavenly combination of cheesy pretzels that melt in your mouth! It's an excellent appetizer for their lamb sliders or basically anything that comes with mashed potatoes. The menu is diverse enough to make anyone happy. The Keg Room is decorated in the old Hollywood rustic style, and that will make you feel like you time-traveled back to the 1950s.

Alice's Tea Cup

If you read Alice in Wonderland, make sure to visit Alice's Tea Cup. There are several locations where you can find this cafe, but all of them are covered with artwork from the classic children's book.  You will find surprises on the tables, which are also inspired by the book. The menu covers various teahouse classics, alongside sandwiches and scones that will make you think you're in Wonderland. This is one of the NYC restaurants only known by locals, so be sure to visit it!

Pershing Square

This restaurant inspired by train stations is one we have already visited, and it is fantastic. Located in Midtown Manhattan, facing the Grand Central Terminal, this one is a gem that you shouldn't miss. The food is classic, ranging from mac-n-cheese to fish and chips; it has everything you can count as comfort food. The food is fresh, well presented and very tasty. The train station decor with a vast open space creates a great atmosphere with lots of positive vibes. We highly recommend you to visit this restaurant.


This gem is a family-owned diner that has been working since 1985. Settler's Diner offers an extensive selection of home-cooked food that should cater to everyone's needs. It is located in West New York, between Rochester and Buffalo, which gives the whole place an old-school vibe. It's a fantastic atmosphere around here, with positive vibes, fresh, relaxing fragrances of food, and a small group of folks that are delighted to be enjoying lunch at Settler's.


Pastrami, one of the best condiments that make New York food great. And Katz's is the place to go if you want to get the best pastrami. And you will be receiving a huge dish! But just being in this deli is an authentic New York experience by itself. But, be prepared to become a regular customer after you try their food. Yes, it is that good.

L&W Oyster Co.

Although located in a very crowded place, L&W is very easy to find and a great place to be if there's a festival on the streets. If you love seafood, this is your spot. This restaurant offers fresh seafood and many different things. It is a great place to grab a weekend lunch or an after-work drink.

Best Bagel and Coffee

Bagels are one of the most iconic New York treats. There is nothing fancy about bagels and coffee, but they are taken very seriously among New Yorkers. There are hundreds of bagel places, but Best Bagel and Coffee is one of our favorites. But take into account that bagels are generally delicious and come with various toppings, wherever you get them from. Finding a bagel place that suits your tastes is half the fun, so don't skip out on it.

Bluestone Lane

Bluestone Lane can be found in multiple locations across New York, but all of them have the same vibe. There are no tables or seating, just coffee sandwiches, grab-and-go, New York style. The baristas at Bluestone Lane are always friendly, and the displays filled with juices, granola, croissants, and pastries add up to give you the best experience possible.

Move to New York and get to know NYC restaurants only known by locals

After all this food talk, you are probably hungry for New York. If you want to move here and become one of the locals, you won't make a mistake. The Big Apple is a place filled with restaurants that only locals know about, so to explore them, you should become one.

Besides the fantastic NYC restaurant only known by locals, this city has a lot to offer and even more to see. Therefore, think about the coming here for your next vacation. Who knows, perhaps it will be the first of your many future gastronomic journeys.

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If you are looking for the best hidden NYC restaurants only known by locals, you are in the right place. Take a look at our list!

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