August 24, 2018 Metn Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

OBI Sushi Delivery
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Phone Number: +961 4 525586

Address: ABC Dbayeh, Metn, Lebanon


Price Range: 30-60 $

Obi's Sushi and Burgers: Enough Said...

Nicely filled in colorful boxes, OBI delivers to the Metn area. After several not-too-pleasant experiences more than four years ago, I decided to order again and check on the updates. Order on Zomato, get your food delivered by Toters, receive a carton bag filled with plastic containers. Food has become better, a clear improvement; from inedible to acceptable “fast-food sushi quality” loaded with mayonnaise, salt, and sauces.


For dinner in front of the television, OBI is an acceptable choice. Commercial, loaded with sauces, salty -for some reason-, priced at $45/person.

I like the packaging; a carton box covered with colors, plastic boxes wrapped with informative stickers and a load of soy sauce and ginger. 

The food: Rice is sticky in some rolls, undercooked in others, with a load of sauce where the soy is too salty. Seafood quality used is good. I even tried the sushi burrito which is not one, but no other than a giant Maki that’s dry and sticky. OBI has even introduced poke bowls, rice with several ingredients of which edamame, crab sticks, avocado, and mango; not a poke specialist, it’s another addition to the menu copying the competition with no reason.


My verdict: Food is acceptable with nothing exceptional about it to order again.

Better than many other sushi places, OBI is classy and generous in the category of fast-food sushi places like Sushi Ko and Ginger & Co.

I would change some things: definitely, less sauce used here and there. Spot the salty ingredient and reduce it. The sushi burrito is not one, or remove it from the menu or learn how to do it.

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