April 18, 2013

Offering Haute Cuisine by Yannick Alleno's Le 1947

Named after Château Cheval Blanc’s most prestigious grand cru, the 1947 two-Michelin-star restaurant offers a new culinary movement where chef Yannick Alléno revisits the traditional French 'Haute Cuisine' in Courcheval.


Six months of reflection have been required to reveal the quintessence of the finest products.The 1947 represents Yannick Alléno’s  manifesto for a French cuisine that fuses proud tradition with provocative creativity.  He captures the product at its climax in order to present each evening a collection of extraordinary dishes to a deliberately limited number of guests.


“The journey follows the natural order of French gastronomy beginning with a focus on stocks, infusions and soups. This is followed by the aperitifs - graphical, crunchy, emotive moments that in turn give way to the bread, transcending the norm with the use of truffles – followed by the main course which is shared by all guests.”


Master French chef Yannick Alléno has won numerous Michelin stars for nearly every restaurant he is involved in. Balancing 15 restaurants worldwide, including two in Beirut, S.T.A.Y and Sweet Tea. This culinary artist takes food to the utmost level of class and sophistication.


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