March 19, 2017 Achrafieh Beirut Lebanon Middle East

OH Bakehouse: Lactose Free, Gluten Free, Guilt Free
Non-smokers friendly
Sweet Tooth Healthy Treats

Phone Number: +961 1 217 644

Address: Monot street, macaron bldg., Beirut, Lebanon ( 07AM - 07PM)


Price Range: 5-20 $

Gluten-free, lactose-free and definitely more healthy, OH Bakehouse is now open on Monot street. I've heard many positive reviews about it and after having one of their brownies at the office I decided to give this bakery a try.


In the heart of Monot, pass by for a cup of coffee at OH. An espresso, a view onto the street and rich aromas all around! 

Spread across two floors, the bakery welcomes you with its open display and a communal table. A few high tables occupy the glass facade with a view onto the street. Hand painted plates, wooden cutlery... I ordered and sat for a brief tasting.

I ordered four items:

  • The orange cake makes your mouth water when you look at it. A light orange color, a nice texture, a moist heart and thinly sliced oranges to decorate it. It's aromatic and full of taste. No gluten and no lactose, the cake offers the same great taste but has a bizarre crumbling texture that differs from traditional cakes.
  • The chocolate almond cake is phenomenal! Super moist, soft, fluffy and full of taste. Intense and enjoyable chocolate, the cake is so smooth and light that it melts on your tongue like butter. It's decorated with shaved chocolate on top of it. Yummy! Why buy heavier versions when you can get healthier options with the same great experience?
  • Chocolate eclair; neat presentation, a soft pastry and a full bodied chocolate cream. I loved how the eclairs are painted professionally with chocolate as though it was a piece of art. The cream inside is well balanced, not sweet and not too creamy with that quality taste of proper chocolate.
  • Another even better version is the chocolate wrapped vanilla eclair. Very good quality of chocolate mixed with nuts, soft pastry and all together embracing that fine vanilla cream.


Afterwards, I had the chance to try their special Maamoul; who said Maamoul should be heavy? Well textured, lightly sweet; they crumble under your teeth beautifully.

I was smiling all the way. I didn't feel the sugar and this for me is the most important factor. I finished four cakes and left feeling light.

Lovely sweet treats which I didn't expect to be so good. Full of taste, premium ingredients ... and the same pleasures without the guilt.

Suitable For: Sweet Tooth Healthy Treats





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