September 03, 2019

Opening of the Jiyeh Fishermen Port and Marina

The rehabilitation of the Jiyeh port and the construction of a fish market and surrounding facilities transformed it into one of the most reliable fishermen ports across the country with high standard safety measures, tools, and equipment. Today the facility - completed in coordination with the Ministry of Public Works and Transport to ensure that works fall in accordance with the ministry's port standards - includes an increased number of boat parking spaces and a 200 m2 fish market, as well as fully equipped cooperative rooms serving 72 fishermen. The Fishermen's Cooperative board members were also supported with a personalized and specialized capacity building program for operations and management skills to complement the project's provisions.

The port of Jiyeh was rehabilitated through the UNDP-LHSP project in the aim of reviving the livelihoods of fishermen coming from the whole Chouf area. The main new port facility includes a fishmarket, fishermen rooms and a maintenance workshop among other buildings. The port will play an essential economic and touristic role for the area of Chouf due the big scale of the project. The event was intended to inaugurate the port but more importantly to help the fishermen spread the word about the fishermen cooperative new services and reach the greater number of viewers in the aim of increasing visitors and hence fishermen’s income.

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