July 30, 2015 Lebanon Middle East

Beauty has a Name: Lebanon... Definitely Lebanon

Beauty has a name: Lebanon... Definitely Lebanon

This is the Lebanon locals want to share with the world... You've seen the international news reports. You've heard the talks. But Lebanon is much more than that. From exciting Beirut nights to the serenity of its villages and camping under the stars; from its snow-capped mountains and ski resorts to the wine trails and outdoor getaways, we want to show the world what their country is truly about.

Getting to know Lebanon up close and personal has given me great joy. For one, I have learned to appreciate the littlest details that make Lebanon so special. The things I've seen, the people I've met so far, the cultures I've learned about and the foods I tasted...I am grateful.

I started Meshwar a while ago... Sharing this joy with you was what made every step of the trip meaningful and more fun. Travel with me in a small summary of passion and fun in this summary... in hope of many more episodes to come.

We look to travel outside our country while we live in a gem that just needs some cleaning up around the edges. Together we can make a difference, each and everyone can stand strong and scream out "We want our Lebanon back..." the one with no political side affects, the one that's always smiling to the world, the one people envy us for, the one that's free from prejudice, pain and fear... Many may have already seen this... But I thought I would just shed some light at how beautiful it was and can still be...

Live the Lebanon we dream about...





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