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Osho: An Appealing Impression... Average Food
Lunch Escape Casual Dining


Welcoming: 3/5

Food Temperature: 7/10

Ambiance / Music: 5/10

Menu Choice: 3/5

Food Taste: 16/30

Architecture / Interior: 9/10

Food presentation: 7/10

Service: 7/10

Value for money: 5/10

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Osho is known to be one of Bucharest's fanciest places. Renowned for their fine beef cuts, Osho is where you want to book on your next lunch. An impressive place where meat is displayed with style and finesse; forage for dry aging, forage beef cuts and one for burger patties in an open kitchen were everything is prepared and guests can enjoy the fresh smell of meat around the premises... food is not as I expected it to be.


They have meat; they have appetizers as well as sandwiches and burgers. It's the real kind of steakhouses where enjoyment comes first, where food is great and where the experience won't leave you unimpressed.

A diagram of cow welcomes you out on the street, on which you can learn which cut is what. Inside is a large space made of wood and pending lights, a long bar where the kitchen is and the meat displays. One wall made of bricks another covered with greenery, dark wood parquet, glass facades opening on the neighborhood and much more.


Menu is on your placemat. Written in English, you clearly can understand SAADE, appetizers, soups, risotto and pasta, fish and seafood, aged in house beef cuts, Osho beef selection, Osho renounced selection, steak sauces, burgers and sandwiches, side dishes and desserts.

On the menu you can read how you should order your meat and about their special selection of dry aged for 45 days.

An excellent first impression and I was in love with this place. We started lunch with the mini appetizer, burrata, prosciutto, salami, tomatoes and salad. Premium quality meat, diced tomatoes and the burrata taking the center of the stage. Creamy, fresh, flavorful, amazing burrata. I'm in love...


Now for the main courses. I was curious to taste the bone marrow followed by a rib eye steak and veal chops. I was kind of sure that the food was going to be amazing... I was deceived.

Bone Marrow is good! Two big parts of the backbone grilled to perfection and sprinkled with salt and pepper. Rich oiliness and fat, an unmatched flavor... The plate is served with horseradish, black salt and olive oil and a salad on the side. That's connoisseur's food. A very good job done here.


A detail I liked: mustard jars are filled to top, so you as a customer feel special and believe you were the first to open it.

Now the food: I expected better.

  • Burger: Bad, very bad. A cold and dry piece of meat, an extremely thick and dry piece of bread, it looks like mini burger served in a huge plate filled with fries and salads. Bad, really bad. On the side there’s coleslaw that's very heavy.
  • The veal chops are tender and well cooked with spinach on the side. It’s not bad but not great at all. The spinach on another hand has an unpleasant after note. It is extremely creamy and lacks water and doesn't make you want to have another bite.
  • Rib eye is also not bad but not great. I expected more taste, more tenderness. I liked their black potatoes.
  • The sauce is too watery.


My comments: 

  • We ordered side orders to be served as side dishes that can be shared. They can't be served in the same plate with the meat.
  • Fries are too commercial.
  • Meat is not the quality I expected for the price paid.
  • The meat sauce is too watery.

It’s amazing how a place can look that good, focus on all the details that will make you feel special and trick you into believing that you will enjoy the food. I was expecting to be amazed, but I left deceived and hungry. Food is below average.

I might give this place another try next time am in town.

Suitable For: Lunch Escape Casual Dining





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