December 11, 2021

Passover Travel Trend Predictions for 2022

Passover 2022 is coming up faster than we realize. With the last two years being uncertain and restrictive because of the Covid-19 virus many people are wondering what travel trends will be happening in 2022? Where will the majority of people be going?

Positive Changes on the Horizon

For the most part 2022 is going to bring with it positive travel trends. In the recent past, prior to 2019, the trends for vacationers were taking them to places that suffered from over tourism. Everyone wanted to go where the vast majority had already been.

Passover destinations in 2022 is going to see more people embracing locations that have been less traveled to in the past. Pre-Covid travel had people staying at hotel chains and associating with just one chain. 2022 is going to see people stepping out of the old comfort zone and embracing new hotels, staying at quaint little cabins that were not once thought of as being “posh” enough.

Eco-Friendly Trends

2022 is going to see an uprise in people demanding that the hotels, resorts, and places they stay follow environmentally friendly practices to protect the planet. The last two years have truly awakened the eyes of people and people see the need to conserve, protect, and encourage the planet to survive.

We predict that you will see plastic straws as a thing of the past. Straws and disposable containers are going to be more biodegradable and better for the earth.

In many hotels and resorts, you are going to see recycle bins added to the rooms and not just out behind the building for employees to use. People will have the option to recycle and help the hotel maintain a greener footprint.

Restaurants are going to embrace locally grown vegetables and fruits. Local farmers who grow foods without pesticides and have free-range poultry and animals will provide a larger amount of the foods consumed by people in restaurants and large hotels. People want more organic foods, and they want the pesticide-free, healthy options whenever they can have them.

Pet Inclusion

2022 is going to see more hotels and resorts providing pet-friendly accommodations. People have become increasingly attached to their pets as they have been at home with them for the past couple of years. People want to be able to bring their animals with them because the animals are family to them.

Hotels and resorts are seeing the need to allow people to have their pets with them on their vacations. Many restaurants are even going to start to allow pets to come in with their owners.

Longer Stays

More people are going to opt to stay for the entire Passover week rather than go for a few days during Passover. Pesach programs are going to be popular because they offer seder meals and all of the religious aspects the Jewish travelers will need.

Private Seders

2022 is going to reveal more people who want to be able to have private seders for their family and close friends they are traveling with rather than join in with a large group. Hotels and resorts participating in the Pesach programs are going to need to be ready to prepare and serve private seders in the suites and cabins,

Luxury and Comfort

People have been “at home” for the last two years. They are ready to be pampered and they are going to demand luxurious features from the hotels and resorts they visit. It is time for you to splurge and pamper yourself and while you are on vacation you want the best there is to have.

Lavish rooms with ample space are going to be demanded. Most people are not going to want the typical hotel room with a couple of beds, a television, and a minimal bath. You will see people wanting rooms with a sitting area, or with a fabulous balcony.

People are going to want beauty, functionality, and extreme comfort from their surroundings.

Demand for Entertainment

People are going to want to be entertained in 2022. Most people who book Pesach programs for Passover week are going to choose places that have ample entertainment via the program and in close proximity to the hotel.

Live shows in the evening are going to be a huge attraction. During the day the majority of people are going to want to get outside of the hotel and embrace nature, go hiking, shopping, golfing, swimming and be more active than ever before.

Everything Included

More people are going to want all-inclusive packages where the wine and drink, daytime and nighttime snacks, and other amenities are included. They are not going to want separate bills when they are ready to check out. They want to pay one price and then relax and enjoy everything without the worry of cost.

Final Thoughts

2022 is going to see a larger number of travelers ready to get out of their homes, out of their cities, and even out of their countries. It is going to be a year of travel, and a great year to embrace family and friends.

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