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Pennsy Market New York: A Lunch Escape
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Located in the heart of Madison Square Garden at the entrance of Pennsylvania station, the Pennsy Market hosts a selection of food choices inside a big rectangular hall. “Pat La Freda” the famous meat provider, a bar, pizza by the slice, and a Mexican corner. Most people come here for their lunch escape enjoying vibrant vibes instead of sitting alone at a restaurant.



The Pennsy offers all the food and drink options you could want in ONE location. The 8,000 square foot space, located at street level right above Penn Station and next to Madison Square Garden, is surrounded by a large outdoor patio and has become home to live entertainment and events almost every lunch hour and evening.


Unfortunately, the food I had didn’t impress me much. The cashier at Pat La Freda was not in her best days; The Angus steak sandwich came into a chewy bun and needed much more sauce. The burger sliders were also dry and not juicy as they should be. The only dessert choice is a crepe, Nutella, few slices of bananas and three raspberries; the guy was surely preparing this crepe for the first time, it needed to be thinner, more cooked and more innovative in terms of content and ingredients display.

I was not impressed but enjoyed the vibes.

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