July 03, 2015 New York USA Americas

Manousheh New York: Live Love Lebanon!
Non-smokers friendly

Phone Number: +1 347 971 5778

Address: 193 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012, United States

Website: http://www.manousheh.com

Price Range: 5-15 $

Finally I've done it, I visited Manousheh, the Lebanese bakery in New York. Nestled on Bleecker Street is a place, a small place oozing with Lebanese culture. If you're living in New York and feeling nostalgic, all you have to do is come here...


I didn't know what to expect, do they have a good dough, Lebanese quality ingredients, or does it have the same taste? Yes, and indeed it is better than many I've had in Beirut. The guys recognized me as soon as I arrived with a big smile and an "Ahla w Sahla". 

I immediately started eating. Zaatar, kechek, cheese and labneh until I spotted two interesting and bizarre things on the menu: avocado and Zaatar and the dessert Halawa.

The place: It simply looks like a local bakery, it feels Lebanese, the way things are arranged, the bags, the spoons… the Lebanese village feel in a place where Mix FM Lebanon plays in the background.

I'm impressed, literally impressed, the food simply rocks. The manousheh managed to replicate the flavors of Lebanon into a thin, lightly chewy dough filled with good Zaatar, savory cheese and crunchy vegetables. 

I stared win Zaatar. A lightly colored dough spread with a non-acidic Zaatar, good quality oil and an amazing taste. A smile was drawn on my face when a flashback took me back to Lebanon, a visit to the village, my discovery tours, my grandma... This flashback was of love and attachment to my homeland.

Manousheh has created something, unique in the States, a bite of "I love Lebanon and want to go back".


The cheese is as good in Lebanon. Lightly salty akkawi, a unique variety they use.

Now for the best of the best, the signature avocado and Zaatar mix with fresh crunchy vegetables. The dough is first baked, the Zaatar and vegetable mix is spread, sliced avocados are added and next come the mint leaves. That's a dream, a dream breakfast sandwich everyone should add to their menu. I was impressed. 

Labneh, yes, simply labneh with vegetables and it rocks!


Add to a piece of nostalgia from our childhood, the famous pyramid Bonjus to complete your experience. 

Now that I was done, Naji insisted I taste his special creation, Ashta Knefeh. I can tell you this guy has a bright future. An Ashta Knefeh with sugar syrup, a melting heart and a light crisp envelope, the semolina and crushed pistachio, I closed my eyes, felt a tear in my eye and screamed to Naji my enjoyment and satisfaction. 


It's my third day here and when I bit into the Zaatar, my body shivered. I felt like going back.

I'm out of words, out of descriptions, I'm speechless, I'm honored, I'm a fan and invite you all to visit. These are real flavors of Lebanon in New York.





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