August 19, 2017 Rome Italy Europe

Pompi: Rome's Famous Tiramisu
Sweet Tooth

When one thinks of Italian desserts, the image of a rich fluffy tiramisu sprinkled with cocoa powder often comes to mind. While not a typically Roman dessert (its origins are more northern), the tiramisu made at Pompi is quite fantastic. In fact, you may even think it’s the best one you’ve ever had


There are 4 locations in Rome, but the one that is most conveniently located if you are monument hopping is in the historic center, just by the Spanish Steps on Via della Croce, 82. If you are in the mood for venturing just a little outside of the city center (near Re di Roma square), you can try the tiramisu at the Pompi situated at Via Albalonga, 7b/9/11: it is much bigger and has more seating. (Article quoting Rome Loft)


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