August 25, 2015 Lebanon Middle East

Proudly Lebanese: Our Local Freekeh is Exceptional

Freekeh is now one of the world’s latest food trends and numerous articles have been internationally published highlighting its nutrients and health benefits. According to many in the US, Freekeh is cheaper than quinoa with more benefits. But what the world doesn't know is that Freekeh is proudly Lebanese and the truth has to be sent out.


Today USAid and The Rural Delights cooperative celebrated the official launch of Freekeh in Lebanon, offering local farmers a new machine that would turn the manufacturing of Freekeh from the traditional non-healthy and hard way to a more automated manner which can answer to the world's picky demand, food standards, and recommendations.

USAid and under their program called LIVCD has produced for the first time a Freekeh machine, one that would roast it without touching the floor and dry it in a professional way while reaching a humidity of 12 to 14% giving this product an homogenized taste and quality and offering a shelf life of up to two years.

From now on when you buy Freekeh, make sure it's not imported from the Middle East and make sure you don't buy the synthetic colored version which is sold at $2 or 3$.


I brought some home and believe me they are great. Large in size and naturally dark in color, they richly absorb the flavors of chicken or meat that are cooked with them. 

After that, it was time to visit the village of Hariss where Freekeh is produced. The experience over there made me fall in love with Freekeh further, especially after seeing the ladies of Al Imad Cooperative prepare the Freekeh with lamb meat just for us.

Freekeh, the new big thing, is proudly Lebanese and you have to try it. Healthier and juicier than rice, the smokiness and flavor each grain holds are amazing.


Produced by Al Imad Cooperative, Hariss South Lebanon, Distributed by Atayeb el Rif 03-335854

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