August 07, 2012

Q Kola - Could This Be My New Favorite Soda?

Have you heard of the new Cola, which according to the New York Times, its expected to bring back the K in Cola. The name is Q Kola, a new soda drink which will bring you closer to the real taste of Kola - the basic ingredient that makes our favorite soda. Apparently this soda is rich with ingredients which can be tasted with every sip... and you know me and how I enjoy the rich tastes of what I eat and drink. Could this replace my love for Coca-Cola?

I, personally am very intrigued, as you know my love for Coca-Cola and I always say that no other cola drink can take it's place for me - but I can't ignore Q Kola...  People who have tried it are saying great things about it... On first sip it's lively and acidic, sharp and herbal, and not too sweet up front — before the caramel and vanilla notes kick in, for a smooth, sweet finish. Warming notes of cinnamon and cloves share space with coriander and citrus oils. It's a honey-caramel brown, as opposed to the murky nearly-black of a Pepsi or Coke. An eight-ounce bottle has only 70 calories — and at that dainty size, it's already Bloomberg-approved. Maybe it's just the resemblance to their tonic, but we found ourselves thinking that it'd make a good mixer. A Cuba Libre, say, would be drier and more acidic, less sugar-on-sugar. Q Kola is by Q Drinks, who apparently make makes the world’s best sodas – "clean, crisp, completely ungeneric beverages that stand proudly on their own or enhance the finest spirits. We use the best ingredients we can find, irrespective of cost or complexity, and then agonize over our recipes to make sure each 8oz bottle of Q has balance, depth, and complexity. Our superior sodas are perfect on their own and good enough to mix with the best spirits. And so good that they’ll change the way you think about soda."

Anyone tried Q Kola? What do you think? 

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