May 27, 2018 Saida South Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Ramadan in Saida: Iftar and Suhour (An Exciting Video)

Saida’s old town easily rivals its counterparts across the region. Extraordinarily well preserved, the cool, winding streets of the souk retain their ancient origins while functioning as an actual market where locals still go to buy household goods. You’ll find bakers and sweetshops, green grocers and butchers, and a whole host of other goods, including, of course, souvenirs. Be sure to ask for a tour of the absolutely stunning early 18th century Debbaneh Palace, accessible via a staircase in the dark heart of the souk. At the end of the souk, you’ll find another must-see—Saida’s famous soap museum. Locals are extremely friendly, so don’t be shy. 


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