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Relais Villa Pomela: Gavi, Italy

Entering a winding gravel road lined with beautiful trees and after driving for about 3/4 of a mile, one arrives at a not too imposing structure resembling the typical old house on the hill. Upon entering, that feeling totally changes, an immaculate hotel that looks as it had just been opened yesterday. The building, bought by Paolo d’Amore, was convert it into a luxurious hotel. An interesting hotel, I thought to myself. The calmness and serenity surrounding the hotel calmed me... although I was on a quick business trip. Hotel_Villa_Pomela_Italy03 Paolo d’Amore, being an avid antique collector whose main business is very different (including wine producing), decided to refurbish the structure almost as a hobby. The bedrooms are spacious and beautifully done. Every single piece of furniture in the hotel is an authentic antique, most of them were brought from France. all the walls display original paintings, for example, on one of the walls of a room there is a painting of Pope Pius V done in 1566, not signed but certainly done by a first rate painter of the time. But do not think that the hotel does not have modern appointments. The Hotel Avila Pomelo, built in 1694 then renewed in 1897 to become close what it is today. Old but clean following the 21st century technologies, this hotel is  located close to the second biggest mall of Italy (pier La Grande) as well as the famous Gavi wineries. Hotel_Villa_Pomela_Italy07 As you arrive to the signboard along the main road, take the tight passage along the alley of trees that leads you directly to the hotel. Enter the reception on the right and before taking the long corridor to access the rooms; make it a point to take the time to enjoy the many paintings and art pieces on your way to your sleeping haven. The restaurant is small but very nice and the menu changes every day. Noteworthy is the conference room with a beautiful 35 foot high ceiling. Hotel_Villa_Pomela_Italy28 I  stayed in room Room 214 which I really enjoyed...A spacious double room, full of amenities and a beautiful view. Each room is individually and tastefully decorated, reflecting the detailed elegance of the hotel; some of them feature a canopy bed. This was the first time I see a room with two bathrooms in a hotel room. A large one for guests and another fully equipped to cater to handicapped. Two sofas, a working desk, a mini bar, a kingsize bed and a large balcony with a view on the garden. I actually felt that I was staying in a suite all by myself. Note that 85% of the rooms have Jacuzzi tubs. Spacious and comfortable, the double rooms offer guests the comfort that a place such as the Relais Villa Pomela promises. Hotel_Villa_Pomela_Italy10 A perfect set up that will push you further to enjoy the peace around. The best part is that rooms feature a landscaped balcony overlooking the magnificent park and the surrounding grape-vines: An ideal place to have breakfast or just use to simply relax. Relais Villa Pomela hosts a famous local wine, "La Perpetua" which you can visit by an appointment at the reception. If you're into wine and would like to buy some - a list available in your room, can be filled - wines include Monferrato Dolcetto, Monferraro Rosso, Gavi and Spumante, part of the "La Perpetua" family. Hotel_Villa_Pomela_Italy47 The hotel facilities:
  • The wine cellar and production house
  • A restaurant
  • The bar
  • A banquet area
The room amenities:
  • Slippers
  • Toothbrush, sewing kit, shampoo, hair dryer
  • Minibar
The pluses:
  • A beautiful place with large relaxing rooms located in a premium region
  • Modern details at the hotel make it unique: Example, there are sensors in the rooms which tell the main desk if the room is occupied or vacant
  • The prices are reasonable: $160/room on average
  • I loved the mini chocolate cakes at breakfast
Hotel_Villa_Pomela_Italy56 The minuses:
  • The music in the lobby is unbearable - You are welcome by noisy Virgin Radio playing the latest rock and pop hits in the background. How unpleasant and inappropriate for such a hotel
  • The hotel is overheated
  • The internet connection sucks and doesn't work all over hotel. My room didn't have access
  • The TV in my room is too small considering such a big space
  • The breakfast is very average
The unacceptable: Ordering eggs with an (s) for breakfast, we received a single sunny side up egg and made us pay for it 6EUROS. Pathetic! I enjoyed the hotel, I would come back for a small family vacation... a vacation where I would actually want to switch off from the world, the internet... and enjoy some piece and tranquility in a beautiful set up full of art work and details that can only be appreciated...
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