June 02, 2016

Roadster vs. Divvy: Same, Same But Different...

Yesterday night, Roadster Diner revealed its new identity. A beautiful space, taking the Diner's experience to another level. No more orange and old American signboards, today's trend is about metal, wood, earth materials and dimmed colors. Even the tag line has been updated to follow the world's evolution. With that we discover another diner which has taken this step couple years back... Same colors, same design, same branding... Just asking!

Same sofas, same leather, same shape... different color:

Roadster Divvy4

Same menu design... different food:

Roadster Divvy5

Same aprons... different color:

Roadster Divvy3

Same shape... different name:

Roadster Divvy2

Same feel... Different mood:

 Roadster Divvy1

Same exact chair... Different table:

Roadster Divvy

Different owners... Same family.


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