April 19, 2013

SMORGASBOARD: Board Game for Foodies

Friends and family invited for dinner this weekend? Bring out the board games - challenge your mother in law on how much she knows about food with this new board game for foodies, SMORGASBOARD®.


Players take on the guise of aspiring chefs as they work their way around the board in search of gastronomic success. The object of the game is to be the first team of chefs to graduate from Rick's Culinary Academy! The losers...do the dishes!


Created and designed by RichArt, the game has been illustrated by award winning designer, Steve Simpson, whose work has exhibited in London, LA and New York.  To view his portfolio, please visit stevesimpson.com.  SMORGASBOARD® is manufactured at Hasbro Ireland in Co. Waterford and proudly carries the 'Guaranteed Irish' logo.


Divided into teams of two or more players, teams choose a chef token to represent them on the board; Mister Broc, Señor Gamba, Monsieur Fromage, or Les Champs. All teams start at the space marked 'Start'. Play moves along the figure eight path towards 'Rick's Culinary Academy'.

Categories: Food Gadgets


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