June 21, 2014 Badaro Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Spot: Badaro's New Coffee Shop Concept... And Tasty Crepes (Restaurant Closed)

After a filling and tasty lunch at Kissproof, I continued my way down the street for more discoveries in Badaro. Spot, is a small coffee shop that might not catch your attention. Tiny in size but huge in its offerings, Spot is not pretending to offer sophistication.
In the middle of Badaro, before reaching Byblos bank, Spot is a small place named after the shop that was occupying the same spot. Inside is a coffee house selling some refreshments and coffee along with hotdogs, crepes, waffles and salads.
Spot has been opened to cater to the environment, and sitting out on the sidewalk gives you a taste of the area. A calm neighborhood on a Saturday afternoon where a fresh breeze passed along the trees before caressing your face... it was so relaxing.

I ordered three crepes, that's three desserts for an afternoon boost:

  • Chocolate, banana and nuts: A thin and lightly crunchy crepe filled with Nutella, bananas and nuts. As good as it should be, thin and light and topped with chocolate syrup. Do not expect a specialist crepe with decoration and a porcelain plate, but rather a café-style, served in a plastic plate and cut into ready-to-eat squares. It's even better than many around town. I would personally make the banana slices a bit bigger so you can feel them on your palate.
  • The second was the honey crepe: Honey, dried raisins, rum and nuts. A soft dough filed with honey that gives the sweetness before feeling the crunch of the nuts and the pleasant hint of rum. An end of note of the chewy raisins equilibrated the taste of this tasty crepe, which has a touch of finesse. Warm honey, chewy bits of raisin and slightly crunchy nuts. Again, I remind you to expect a small sized crepe served in a plastic plate, street food style and it's delicious.
  • The third was the Grand Marnier: A famous crepe in Paris, but rarely found in Lebanon: orange marmalade and Grand Marnier. Too strong of a taste: the heated marmalade doubles its sweetness while the Grand Marnier doesn't show much. Not my favorite.

Preparing for the big boom of Badaro, or simply catering to the neighborhood, Spot is an interesting cafe where sipping a coffee or puffing a cigar is enjoyable, while feeling the vibes of this yet-to-be vibrant street. Pass by for the crepes, it's worth it.

The owner, who saw me taking photos, offered me a bite of crepe he does specially. A round-shaped crepe filled with Nutella and topped with a slice of banana while whipped cream decorated it and added flavor. A very interesting innovation that can be developed into savory and sweet bites in the future.

I see Spot as the new trend that will soon be mushrooming around street corners of busy neighborhoods...





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