November 20, 2014

Spot-Not for Wine Enthusiasts: Dry and Polish Your Glassware

Wine enthusiasts, winery owners and party hosts, all have experienced the same problem – white spots on glasses and difficulties drying inside of a decanter. I have found a solution to eliminate the frustration, save time and make the glassware spot-free.

Do you like having family and friends over for drinks and dinner? What you probably don't like though is water spots on glasses or wine decanters and the only way to avoid them is hand drying. No amount of rinse aid will make your glasses 100% spot free. Placing your glasses and decanters on a drying rack won't prevent water spots either and you'll have to wait for hours until they're dry. Drying glasses with a hand towel is time consuming and dangerous, as glasses are easy to break.  Drying the inside of a decanter is simply impossible.

Spot-Not Innovation

  • The first product, Spot-Not for glasses, has a flexible multi-petal core which allows the dryer to adjust its shape to the inside of any type of glass and a re-usable washable sleeve which dries and polishes the insides of the glasses to a beautiful sparkle.
  • Another product in the line, Spot-Not decanter drier, consists of two main parts: a drying cloth that is inserted into the decanter and a mitt for the outside of the decanter. Both parts are made of highly absorbent microfiber material and have two magnets. The drying cloth for the inside of the decanter has a flexible core to keep them in place. It allows the magnets and cloth to conform to the inside shape of the decanter. As you move the mitt outside, the cloth inside follows, drying and polishing the inside of the decanter.

Both Products won prestigious international awards for design in Kitchenware and Tableware. As one of the most promising Canadian startups, Spot-Not has been chosen to present at the new season of the Dragon Den, a popular international reality show.

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