October 19, 2016

St Erik's Most Exclusive Potato Chips Out There

I never thought this could happen, but potato chips have now joined the list of things you can label as the "most expensive". 


Sweden-based beer-maker St Erik’s Brewery have created the most expensive potato chips out there that can be enjoyed with it's high end beer. These potato chips are made using the most exclusive ingredients like Matsutake (one of the world's most sought-­after species of mushrooms), Truffle Seaweed, Leksand Onion, Crown Dill and Nordic Ammarnäs Potatoes.

And to get the best craft and match perfectly with our India Pale Ale they're prepared by the talented chefs of the Swedish National Culinary Team. For the best taste experience, these chips should be savored with S:t Eriks India Pale Ale.

One box contains 5 potato chips and is part of a very limited edition of 100 boxes retailing at $59 and comes with a guarantee letter of  authenticity.

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