May 31, 2015

Start Grilling... 7 Easy Rub Recipes for Perfect Taste

It's Sunday... Let's have a BBQ... Here are some ideas to get some amazing taste results...

A good basic rub recipe is a necessity for grilling. A homemade rub allows you to create a custom mix to your tastes, use the best ingredients, omit any preservatives, and lower key add-ins such as salt. Once you’ve mastered a basic rub, you’ll feel comfortable experimenting with different flavors and combos. These rub recipes offer tasty complements to grilled beef, pork, poultry, and seafood.

All Purpose Beef Rub

Coffee Cocoa Beef Rub

Blackening Rub
All Purpose Poultry Seasoning
Smoked Paprika Pork And Chicken Rub
Fish Rub

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