May 05, 2014

Start Your Week with Foodbag

It's Monday morning and we're off to starting a new week - a positive one we hope... Before heading out of course, let's grab some home made sandwiches to take with us to our workspace. Using a convenient and particularly friendly to the environment to carry our food is important... We suggest this new Compleat Foodbag - a 100% reusable food bag that is made of BPA-free silicone. compleat_3_curvelive.jpg.aspxThe Foodbag is inspired by the traditional paper bags that many people used before, but the designers wanted this one to be reusable, washable and durable. It can be used to carry pasta, salad or leftovers so has a much better usability. Compleat-FoodBag-The-only-lunchbox-that-makes-a-fashion-1 Completely dishwasher safe, and can be rolled for more compact storage, this paperbag A very practical and gorgeous alternative to the large and bulky lunchbox. .
Categories: Food Gadgets


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