March 23, 2020

Staying in for Earth Hour weekend? Here are 20+ things you can do from the comfort of your home!

In light of the ongoing health crisis as a result of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, the Earth Hour global organizing team recommends all individuals to participate in Earth Hour virtually this year, for public health and safety. 

But just because you're staying at home, that doesn't mean you can’t have a memorable Earth Hour on-the-night experience!  We've put together a list of 20 things you can do at home or online this Earth Hour (Saturday, March 28 at 8:30 pm your local time) to spend the Hour with us, and help support our planet while you’re at it! Spending Earth Hour with your young ones? We've got ideas for that too! 

Be sure to share your Earth Hour experience with us using the hashtag #EarthHour! Also tag us @EarthHourOfficial on Instagram, @EarthHour on Facebook and @EarthHour on Twitter so we can easily share your posts and stories!

Ideas for everyone:

1. Switch off your lights

This is the DNA of the Earth Hour movement and the easiest way to participate this Earth Hour. Simply switch off all non-essential lights for an hour!

2. Dinner-in-the-dark

Get some candles ready and whip up healthy and delicious meals that will make your taste buds tingle! Don't know where to start? Check out our list of 50 foods for a healthier planet and a healthier you!

3. Join us virtually and tune in online to one of our live Earth Hour streams

From influencer Q&A sessions, to live performances and contests, stay tuned for our directory of live streams around the world you can tune in to on the night of Earth Hour! Bookmark this page for more updates to come. 

4. Have a night of board games or book readings in candle-light

4. Themed movie night

Get the popcorn ready and enjoy your most treasured Disney movies or take on those Harry Potter marathons that you've been always wanting to do. You can even watch some spectacular Emmy Award-winning documentaries like Our Planet on Netflix to experience our natural world in all its glory #ShamelessPlug ????! No Netflix? No problem!

Still can't get enough of nature documentaries? The Environmental Film Festival is showing a large selection of their films for free on their website for a limited time.

6. Make an impact in only 60 seconds - sign our Voice for the Planet petition

Only have a minute? Add your Voice to call on world leaders to take urgent action to protect and restore nature! Our Voice for the Planet petition will be presented at major global conferences later in the year. 

7. Camp in your backyard or living room

If you love the adventure of camping outdoors, we challenge you to turn your back garden or living room into your very own camping space! Don’t have an actual tent? Why not make one with bedsheets, pillows, and other household items! 

8. Eco-friendly fashion show

Turn your living room into a runway and bond with your family as you take on a fun and silly night of dressing up! Unleash your creative side by making your own costume from recyclable materials!

9. Class is in session! Hear from Sir David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg


10. Heads up! 

Challenge each other in a game of Heads Up! You can create your own deck of nature or wildlife-related word cards. Have a guesser hold up the cards on their forehead while the rest act out the word.

11. Practice some night-photography or try out "light-painting"

Want to test your photography skills? Try taking portraits of your family and friends in low-light or candle-light! You can also try out “light-painting” with your camera - we recommend a tripod and a slow shutter speed! Check out this useful guide for more information on how to do this! 

12. Up your sustainability knowledge and know-how 

Learn what you can do in your daily life to start living more sustainably - even the smallest actions add up! Read how here 

13. Create your own mini-golf course using household objects

A little friendly competition can’t hurt - up the stakes by making the loser do the dishes or any household chore ????! 

14. Create your own Rube Goldberg machine

Need inspiration? Check out what Honda and Ok Go did!

15. Challenge your artistic side with a candle-lit paint night

Feeling funky? You can also try using glow-in-the dark neon paint!

16. Write a letter to your future eco-warrior self

Do you wish to limit your water wastage or purchase eco-friendly goods more often? Why not put all of your sustainability goals into a letter for your future self! It’s a fun way to hold yourself accountable while at the same time do your part in helping our planet!

17. Minute-to-win-it

Come up with 60-second challenges using recyclable materials such as paper, cans and plastic bottles and challenge your friends and family to a duel! Here are a few ideas:

  • Transfer 15 jelly beans from one plate to another using chopsticks 
  • Tape an empty tissue paper box to a player’s waist and fill it with ping pong balls; now try and shake the balls out using only your hips ????
  • Place a cookie on a player’s forehead and they have to use facial muscles to bring the cookie to their mouth

18. Dance the night away or hold a silent disco

Grab a pair of headphones and groove to your own favorite music! Take it up a notch by battling it out with your family and friends in a silent disco and claim dance floor supremacy.

Need some inspiration for your dance moves? Check out our Earth Hour Tik Tok channel(@EarthHourOfficial) and stay tuned for our dance challenges! 

Need a groovy set of tunes? Check out our Earth Hour channel on Spotify! We've got our official trailer music from over the years, as well as a curated playlist of nature-inspired songs!

19. Acoustic jam session

Unleash the Ed Sheeran or Beyonce in you and sing the night away with your friends and family! For all you shower singers out there - this is your chance to shine! ⭐

20. Try Yoga at Home

Check out virtual yoga classes that start with basic beginner’s yoga poses and expand your skills as you go on. Further connect to nature and create a zen-like experience by meditating to some nature sounds on our Spotify channel, or trying some animal-inspired yoga poses

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