November 12, 2017 New York USA Americas

Sullivan Street Bakery: The Egg and Sausage Sandwich
Non-smokers friendly
Morning Delights

Highly rated on Google Maps I chose for my next breakfast 'Sullivan St.', located on 9th and 24th in New York City. I love this city especially in the morning... it has become a habit of mine to do two breakfasts every single day while in the capital of business and opportunities. A bar, an open kitchen, beer draft nozzles, a coffee machine and a display where the baked goods are ready to be taken away. It should smell of fresh bread but it doesn’t...


Too dim for a bakery, a bad smell, not much action, not many choices for breakfast... nothing feels too appetizing in here. I stood in front of the display and ordered one of each of the following:

  • The pre-prepared egg sandwich would have tasted better hot. A light sweetness and a crumble of moist eggs inside two layers of fluffy bread. The spinach bread is something oval with a green heart. It is moist and juicy, the same sweet bread is used everywhere, an acceptable taste but again would be better if lightly heated.
  • The doughnut is the best! I’d come again for the doughnut. They call it “Bambaloni” like the street Donuts of Tunisia. I went there in 2012 and remember eating this famous street food everybody recommends. A fluffy bun that looks like Dunkin’s Boston cream filled with chocolate cream, enjoyably watery, lightly creamy, adequately sweet, fluffy, smooth and intensely flavorful! This creation rocks!


Since I didn’t like the place or at least didn’t understand the hype behind it, and because I didn’t want to leave entirely disappointed, I ordered two sandwiches, the salmon and the eggs with sausage.

The sandwiches are indeed awesome! An amazing French baguette sandwich that’s smoothly crunchy without being hard and chewy, filled with scrambled eggs prepared to perfection alongside spicy grilled sausages. It’s a yummy sandwich I do recommend you try! The Salmon Tartine with thinly cut cucumbers and mascarpone cheese is a simple creation. Premium quality bread, fine soft salmon and cream cheese spread. Amazing sandwiches indeed.


Come here for the sandwiches and the Bambaloni! Nothing else matters. High ratings on the net aren’t justified.

Suitable For: Morning Delights


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