November 25, 2019 Paris France Europe

Boulangerie Nicolas Flamel: Zaatar Croissant and Zaatar Baguette in Paris
Quick Eats

Craving a zaatar croissant in Paris, head to Boulangerie Nicolas Flamel. Named after Paris’ oldest auberge built around the year 1400, the bakery is owned by no other than Lebanon’s starred Michelin chef Alan Geaam. Cakes, bread, baguettes and croissants like any other bakery in Paris except two items created with the sole purpose of marketing Lebanon.


Zaatar croissant and zaatar baguette which you can spot the second you walk into the bakery. Zaatar, Lebanese zaatar imported from the land of the cedars and another French baguette drizzled with zaatar exactly like the one we filmed in Zahlé with Clement.

Flaky with a fluffy heart, the croissant, loaded with zaatar is enjoyable; I was hoping to have labneh at hand to double the pleasure.


If you’re Lebanese or craving the flavors of Lebanon; Nicolas Flamel bakery is your address. Check the photos.

Suitable For: Quick Eats


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