February 02, 2013

Sushi at Casper&Gambini's?
Casual Dining

Casper&Gambini's is one of the few restaurants in Lebanon that's always evolving. Bravo! Keeping clients coming for something new has become part of their charm. What's new on their menu soon?


Japanese food is one of my favorite foods. I crave it... soon enough, I will be able to eat it in a casual atmosphere followed by their tasty Pain Perdu. Casper&Gambini's menu offers dishes and beverages from morning to late-night, including hot cuisine, sandwiches, salads, a variety of weekly specials, homemade desserts and coffee and healthy and light meal, all served in an elegant, contemporary atmosphere...

And now soon you will be able to find some Japanese specialties, sushi, to their international menu.


This award winning global restaurant-café is based in Lebanon with franchises throughout the Middle East. The company specializes in serving gourmet meals and specialty coffee drinks with an emphasis on healthy and fresh ingredients - I can't wait to try their sushi.


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