September 07, 2017 North Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Syr Palace Hotel: A Preserved Heritage in Danniyeh
Authentic & Traditional

Spending a long day in Danniyeh, I passed by Syr Palace, an old preserved hotel built in the nineteen thirties. Up the winding roads that lead to the foothills of Mount Lebanon and overlook the valleys and farmlands of the caza of Donnieh, you will eventually arrive at the village of Syr El Donnieh. Just over the old Ottoman bridge is the charming Syr Palace. Guests are greeted with coffee and fresh fruits of the season and welcomed with warm hearts and smiling faces. At Syr Palace Hotel you will find 24 rooms all beautifully preserved in the original 1930’s classy art-deco style. Try their Lebanese food which I found to be very tasty presented in classy plates. I'm already planning my next visit, this time to spend the weekend.


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