June 01, 2017

Tannourine Summit Rush: Lebanon's Unique Outdoor Event

On top of the beautiful mountains of Tannourine, organized by Souk el Akel and the Youth of Tannourine, Lebanon witnessed a unique event which took place between the 5th and the 7th of August 2016. Thousands of visitors attended this one-of-a-kind event, camped under the stars and enjoyed many outdoor activites. This year, we're repeating the experience... Bigger and better!


Come camp under the starry skies and enjoy a long weekend surrounded by the great outdoors. Get absorbed into Lebanon’s breathtaking nature and enjoy an adventurous recreation at its best. Incredible camping, an impressive list of outdoors activities, delicious food, music, fireworks… 

Whether you choose to come spend the day or sleep over, this is outdoor recreation at its best. Imagine a vast area under the Tannourine starry sky, where over 300 tents will be set up to rent out for spending a few amazing days and nights out in nature. If you have your own tent and want a place to camp, there’s also a place for you. Whatever you decide, just come prepared to have an action filled day that will last throughout the night and beware that the sky is literally the limit.

Event Activities: 4x4 tracks, ATV discovery tour, Motocross track, Tyrolienne, Bungee Jumping, Street food market, Inflatables for kids and much more.


Souk el Akel: Street food out in nature. Music and Concerts Fireworks Biking Hiking Paragliding Camping... after all these activities you're going to get hungry, won't you? That's unless you've been doing nothing but following the sensational smell of food being freshly prepared by Souk el Akel's dedicated food stalls; all day and night, with an endless choice of food bites. Over 30 various food stalls will be preparing the most delicious, freshest and tastiest bites just waiting to satisfy your hunger... Follow the enticing smells of grilling and the sounds of sizzling food... Satisfy your taste buds with a variety of food choices from burgers, pizzas, fresh juices, fries, ice creams, pizzas and so much more innovative bites will be cooked live in front of you.




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