April 24, 2016 Korea

Tartine Bakery & Pie: The Pecan Tart!
Non-smokers friendly
Sweet Tooth

I've read a lot about this bakery called Tartine in Seoul. Pies of different flavors decorate the vitrine down in Itaewon area including blueberry, paradise, cranberry, chocolates, apple crumble, red velvet, wild berry, pecan and many others.


My flavor of choice is pecan today. A thick crunchy dough that feels more like a biscuit filled with a sweet gooey mix. Crunchy pieces of pecan top a mix of sweet ingredients with rich caramel sauce the American way. Equilibrated flavors and great textures.


Tartine has sold two millions pies in this location since September 2014. If you happen to be in Seoul and looking for some tasty desserts, Tartine is a place to visit.

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Suitable For: Sweet Tooth


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