October 10, 2014

The Art of Sandwiches : Feed your Walls

Take a bit out of these delicious posters that reflect popular art movements as mouth-watering sandwiches. A perfect holiday gift.

Posters Food

Jeremy Duff & Gabrielle Santos are two designers from Sydney, Australia. They've combined their love of food with their love of art to create a series of tasty A2 posters. Perfect for your home, art studio, classroom, cafe, office & more.


About the project: "As designers, we are constantly drawing inspiration from the defining art movements that made modern art what it is today. After lengthy discussions over many weeks we decided to turn our ideas and concepts into something real. There were four art movements that intrigued us the most; Abstract, Cubism, Minimalism & Psychedelic. Each sandwich visually reflects it's chosen movement."

You can buy those posters online

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