June 19, 2016 Bekaa Lebanon Middle East

THE BOX of Arsal Village: The Video! (Product Discontinued)

This Box is special because it has been entirely produced and packed in Arsal.

Nestled on the foothills of the North Eastern Lebanese mountain range, Arsal is one of the largest border villages in the Bekaa valley with fascinating culinary traditions and crafts. This special edition of "The Box" gives you an unprecedented glimpse into an array of delicacies and handpicked goods that mirror the spirit of hospitality and kindness of the town’s people. 

This Box is made entirely in Arsal: The wooden box was crafted by local carpenters and all preserves were freshly produced by the Arsal Cooperative using their traditional recipes. This edition of The Box also includes handmade coasters carefully weaved by Arsali women who inherited their skills from previous generations. These unique pieces reflect the rich heritage of the town. We hope you enjoy the Arsal Box and look forward to your continued contribution and support to these artisans. 

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