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The Box: The 8th Monthly Goodie Box of Lebanon (Product Discontinued)

The weather is changing... It's a bit chilly out there. I love winter and with this season comes cozy gatherings and many night's in, so here's where THE BOX can help make your gatherings more interesting. Amazing products scouted from across the country for your ultimate pleasure... All of which I have tasted and loved and wanted you to try as well.

Invite some friends over to enjoy a warm cup of tea... and not just any tea, but a special mix from Hariss, Bint Jbeil and if something warm is not what you're looking for, enjoy some Afendello, a locally made liquor from the the Bekaa, inspired from the Italian Limoncello. When I first discovered this zesty drink by Chateau Nakad, I never stopped bringing them home... there's always a bottle, actually more around the house.

This month I added a few personalized items... a mug, beautifully handcrafted by Arcenciel with NGNO's logo. I love the size, perfect for your morning cup of coffee. What do you think? In addition, a personalized bottle of water from Rim, yet with NGNO's logo wrapped around it... 


Inside The Box of November 2015

  • 23 Visions Book: It is through the eye of 23 Lebanese photographers that you will travel throughout Lebanon. Each one of them will show you his vision, relay to you his emotion and tell you the story of our beloved country... Some will make you dream while others will bring you back to the harsh reality... a multitude of themes, various pictures, but above all magnificent Art... I chose the night showing the world the Lebanese vibes of fun and enjoyment. Pierre Bared 03-801917


  • Organic Sun Dried Tomatoes: (Fatri, Jbeil) It is the star item at Adonis Valley. Only summer plum tomatoes are sliced and dried under the sun of the Bekaa valley of Lebanon. Then it is carefully sterilized and seasoned. It can be directly used in your food preparations. The final product is tangy and full of taste, it is proudly the only dry tomato made in Lebanon. Adonis Valley 03-456336 


  • Fleur de Sel with Wild Herbs: (Fatri, Jbeil) While harvesting salt, only the top layer is taken, flakes which have fine crystallization and pronounced taste, adding to that it is very rich in iodine. This salt is carefully mixed with the typical herbs of Adonis valley: oregano, sage, thyme, sumac and laurel leaves. Highly appreciated by the food connoisseurs this aromatic salt enhances the flavor of salads as well as any kind of grilled meats. Adonis Valley 03-456336


  • Wild Capers: (Fatri, Jbeil) Capers are wild species that grows spontaneously in the rocky soils of the valley. During June, the crop is collected, washed and then pickled in grape vinegar water and salt. Capers except their medicinal virtues they do well with all kinds of fish and meats, and are an essential base for tartar sauce. Adonis Valley 03-456336


  • Afandello: (Jdita, Bekaa) Have you heard of Afendello? If you haven't yet, you're missing out on a lot and I will tell you why. You can take a minute. Perhaps you're still pondering over the name - Afendello - as it sounds like something you know? Afende (Lebanese clementine), Limoncello, the Italian liqueur many are fascinated about... Combine the two thoughts together and you're in for a zesty experience like no other... Made in Lebanon. Chateau Nakad 76-425464



  • NGNO Limited Edition Mug: Since 1985, arcenciel has acted with and for all people with difficulties for the sustainable development of society. With its 7 programs already implemented, arcenciel is getting more involved by developing additional projects. Hand crafted with love, let those mugs accompany you this winter season while browsing NGNO. Arc En Cliel 01-49556


  • Azha Nigela Sativa Sweets "Az7a" (Saida, South) Those were my favorite discovery when visiting Saida. Made of Nigella sativa "7abbet el barakeh", roasted flour, sugar and most importantly olive oil, those cakes are for the connoisseurs who appreciate complicated and rich flavors. They are decorated with pine nuts. We hope you'll like them. Patisserie Gromais 07-722421


  • Chocolate Sables (Adma, Kesserwan): Every piece is one millimeter thick and covered with chocolate. Each biscuit’s heart is filled with homemade chocolate and covered with another biscuit layer. Thin, or to say the thinnest sablés imaginable, the two layers combined constitute a creation that's even thinner than any of the commercial sablés found in the country. Elie Dabbous 03-134735


  • Chocolate Cookie Cake: (Dik el Mehdi, Metn)Who doesn't love cookies; Yum! So how about a giant cookie shaped like a cake, filled with chocolate chipsand ready to be devoured! Dulce n'Banana knows what she's doing. Spotted on Instagram, I insisted to taste them and to have them in our next box. Enjoy! Feel them crumble under your teeth while the chocolate melt on your tongue leaving a long lasting flavor. Dulce n'Banana 03-360141


  • Eggplant compote: (Mouhaydseh, Rashaya) Probably my favorite compote out there, mini eggplants stuffed with roasted almonds cooked and preserved in sugar syrup. A bizarre creation I'm in love with. Nejmet el Sobh cooperative, Rabah Jammal 70-561410


  • Wild cucumber pickles (South Lebanon) A product, prepared with love and dedication by devoted women across Lebanese villages using traditional recipes and under international standards for quality control and food preservation. Each taste is enriched with the exceptional flavors of Lebanese cuisine. Atayeb el Rif cooperative 01-490640


  • Local Herbs Infusion "Zouhourat" (Hariss, Bint Jbeil) A selection of herbs carefully handpicked from the region of Bint Jbeil, south Lebanon and ready to be boiled and enjoyed on those cold winter nights. Remember, their beneficial values. Al Imad Cooperative, Nawal Jawad 70-927069


  • NoGarlicNoOnions Water: (Kah el Rim, Bekaa) After visiting Rim's water factory and drinking from it, we couldn't but share with you our love for this source. With many collector's items coming your way soon as a thank you gesture for being a loyal "The Box" subscriber, we hope you'll like this special edition of our water bottles filled at source by Rim water.  


  • Beirut Cooking Festival: The 5th edition of the Beirut Cooking Festival is the only event in Lebanon that offers both trade and consumer opportunities for the food industry. A 3-day event held concurrently with the “Salon du Chocolat”.The exhibition features entertaining and interactive programs from more than 100 exhibitors, the best celebrity chefs, beverage consultants and lifestyle experts as well as producers, retailers and restaurants. Join us while we showcase the box and animating the stand of Rural Delights Cooperatives of Lebanon.


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