April 28, 2012 Keserwan Lebanon Middle East

The Burger Station: A Station of Delicassy (Restaurant Closed)

Delicious meals and desserts...

The Burger station, has opened its doors on the Zouk highway just before reaching Kaslik. This new burger place is the first one to open in the Keserwan area as the concept has been seen much lately around the capital.

The architecture of the place is special: It is build around a container, a freight container painted in green with the walls made of industrial wood. Two floors, the lower just facing the highway and the upper one is the cozy container box able to welcome small groups.

The Burger Station menu contains: burgers, add-ons, salads and desserts. A simple and clear choice where burger lovers can enjoy a good meal and others who do not want to eat heavy stuff can just ask for a fresh salad. I have tasted the complete menu from Wings, Chicken strips, Onion rings, Potato shrimp rolls, Mozzarella sticks and two choices of burgers. What I liked about this place is that the items are special compared to the competition. The bread is unique, the fries are crunchy, the breaded chicken strips are even better than the famous Roadster's ones and the burgers are very tasty.

I tried already: The Station Classic, The Swiss Mushroom and the Xplosive. I asked for one thing to be fixed and that is the patty size, as it is smaller than the bun and some of the bites are just empty containing bread and ketchup. That issue was fixed the week after my visit as some of my friends informed me.

The best thing about the Burger Station are its desserts. Unique specially made for the place by the famous Pate A Choux pastry shop in Sodeco. The Nutella cake is a magnificent piece of art as for the frozen cheese cake, a mouthwatering delight in every bite.

The Burger Station is one of the successful burger places in Lebanon that I would recommend you to try. If You are in Beirut, the Classic Burger Joint is your place to try the sooner.


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