November 23, 2023

The Importance of Implementing Lone Worker Safety Technology

Implementing lone worker safety technology is of utmost importance for several reasons, primarily centered around the well-being and security of employees who work alone in potentially hazardous environments or situations. 

Becklar Workforce Safety is leading the industry in the capacity to protect lone workers, no matter where they are. And with the Safety Portal, businesses can easily manage employee safety, track incidents and send mass alerts if needed, helping to ensure their lone workers are as safe as possible.

Background of Lone Worker Safety Conditions

Before lone worker safety became what it is today, there were times throughout history when conditions were extremely dangerous.

For example, the Industrial Revolution brought about significant changes in manufacturing processes, leading to the rise of factories and mass production. Lone workers often faced hazardous conditions, long hours, and a lack of protective measures. And although occupational injuries and fatalities were common, worker safety wasn't a prominent concern at this stage.

Then, during the late 19th to early 20th centuries, labor movements gained momentum, advocating for better working conditions and fair treatment of workers. Factory Acts and other labor regulations were enacted in several countries to limit child labor, regulate work hours, and improve workplace conditions. 

In the mid to late 20th century, establishing agencies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the United States (1970) marked a major milestone in worker safety regulation. OSHA and similar agencies worldwide set workplace safety and health standards, conduct inspections, and enforce compliance. 

Safety Measures Taken By Businesses

  • Physical Equipment

Thankfully, worker conditions today are much better, and many companies provide equipment to their lone workers to keep them safe. 

Normal safety equipment provided includes items such as helmets, gloves, harnesses, and safety glasses. However, this is only physical protection. Although physical protection is important to safeguard against potential hazards and reduce the risk of injuries or illnesses, safety technology is equally important—especially for lone workers.

Failing to include a technology-based solution is no longer an option. 

  • Safety Technology

Unfortunately, lone workers are especially at risk on the job. These individuals that work alone or in remote locations are at greater risk for a more serious incident as they do not have coworkers nearby. Without connected safety solutions, these workers could be struggling or have an emergency, and no one would know.

Even though many lone workers have physical PPE (personal protective equipment), over 2 million people are injured at work every year in the United States. PPE does not help protect lone workers from dangers such as falls, health issues, dangerous situations or heat. This proves that companies need to do more to help protect their lone workers. 

Real-time connected safety technology is a necessary part of implementing lone worker safety measures - and is becoming the digital PPE that workers need.

Becklar Workforce Safety Solutions 

Each lone worker has unique needs, depending on their situation. 

Thankfully, Becklar provides various digital safety technology (or digital PPE) that helps prevent accidents in any situation. If a situation does occur, workers can feel secure regarding the quick and efficient response.

  • WorkerSafety Pro Application

Becklar's WorkerSafety Pro App offers a comprehensive solution for protecting employees who work alone, at heights, or in dangerous environments. This app is the digital PPE that can protect employees anywhere.

It's an extremely easy app to use. For example, hundreds of accounts can be set up in just a few minutes. Also, WorkerSafety Pro has a full feature set—including scheduled and emergency check-ins. It also includes a worker-down detection, fall detection, and a panic button if immediate assistance is needed. 

If a serious situation occurs, the app will give a countdown before the lone worker's organization or personal contacts will be notified. This gives the lone worker autonomy and control over alerts.

  • Other Devices

If a more subtle safety device or digital PPE is preferred, there are options for lone workers entering into potentially dangerous situations and needing a discreet way to call for help.

Becklar has incorporated a discreet Bluetooth button, known as the Safety Button, as another form of digital PPE to solve that problem. When a user presses this, a silent alarm is activated in the app immediately, giving the user the protection they need without overtly escalating the potentially dangerous situation.

Additionally, there is the Becklar Satellite Device. This small machine can send a distress signal even without cellular network reception. With the press of the dedicated SOS button, the Worker Safety Action Plan is triggered and integrated with the entire connected safety solution.

Implementing Becklar Safety Technology

Businesses understand how important safety is. They just are not always certain of the best way to easily and reliably protect their lone workers.

Companies need to move beyond physical protection and actually be ready to respond quickly when an incident occurs. With Becklar's Workforce Safety solutions supported by the Safety Portal Dashboard, safety managers can manage the safety of their workers with the click of a button.

Managers can even input scheduled check-ins to receive real-time confirmation of lone worker safety in the dashboard. And if there is ever a situation where a lone worker stops moving, loses consciousness or falls, Becklar's safety devices will detect these emergencies quickly and efficiently. 

Through Becklar's easy-to-use connected safety technology, the burden of the unknown is gone. Lone workers can feel safe even while on the job, and managers can have confidence that their employees are safe with the digital PPE that they need.

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