November 02, 2021

The must-attend food manufacturing event will host 2 French Pavilions

Gulfood Manufacturing will host two French pavilions in Halls 7 and Sheikh Saeed under the “Taste France” banner. To foster innovation in the food processing equipment, packaging material and services, professionals, buyers and leading experts can find a selection of French dairy ingredients, eggs, Durum wheat ingredients, functional ingredients, flavours and salt substitution, vegetable proteins, condiments and seasonings.

A French way to stand out from competition 

Behind the expertise of its farmers, artisans and industrialists, France is home to some of world’s top competitiveness clusters and research centres from production to cookery. One life example is the vegetable-protein plan launched by the French government that aims to position France as a world leader in vegetable proteins by 2030. Thanks to stringent farming standards and a cutting-edge agri-food industry, the quality and safety of French agri-food products are recognized all over the world. 

What to explore at the French Pavilions at Gulfood Manufacturing 

More than ever, the 37 French exhibitors will nurture partnerships towards the development of more qualitative production, preservation and packaging, both in terms of ingredients and equipment. On the baking industry specifically, consumers have been showing an increasing interest for several years in healthy pastry products such as wholemeal, reduced sugar or salt, with chia seeds, quinoa, gluten-free and more, for which French ingredient suppliers can share their expertise, as well as for dairy products, seasoning, flavours, vegetable proteins and more. The French offering has a greater potential to be more widely known, as it is recognized by its customers for the superb quality of the French ingredients and for its equipment lifespan. 

Why is France attending Gulfood Manufacturing?

Primarily driven by a demand for quality, professionals coming to the Gulfood Manufacturing can expect to get the latest insights of the industry, explore new capabilities, sign deals and strengthen collaborations. France has a lot to demonstrate during its participation at the exhibition. Meanwhile, the value of French exports in ingredients for the food industry to the UAE represented USD 72 million in 2019.

To address several issues in the food industry and promising innovation, the UAE is a strategic location for industry players due to the growth of the packaging market in the Middle East and Africa from USD 280 million in 2016 to USD 505 million by the end of 2021, along with it being a significant exporting hub to more than 180 countries.

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