July 09, 2022

7 Management taking over GCC with exceptional F&B concepts

The visionaries behind well-established Middle Eastern brands such as Café Beirut, February 30, Lucia's, Antika and Sayf, 7 Management stand today at the forefront of the F&B operators and restaurateurs circuit in Riyadh, Beirut, Dubai and Doha, thanks to their unique designs and years of developing the ideal tastes and entertainment mixes.

Rabih Fakhreddine, Founder & CEO at 7 Management, winning Best Nightlife Entrepreneur of year 2022 and the extraordinary, driven group of young, dynamic dreamers from Beirut, Lebanon, have furnished the venues with the most precise components that clients have come to know, love and anticipate from conception to creation. 

Of these exceptional 7 Management brands, two have rapidly become big hits in KSA, namely Café Beirut at Riyadh Boulevard and Antika at the Oasis, as part of the Riyadh season, with Café Beirut launched in November and quickly followed by Antika in December.

The renowned brands have been also taken overseas to other GCC countries with the soon-to-be-opened Lucia’s, Seven Sisters and B018 in Doha followed by Antika opening in Manama in the year 2023 following their tremendous reception in Dubai and Riyadh. 

Café Beirut, which transports you to Lebanon’s capital without having to step on a plane, is located on the boulevard in the heart of Riyadh, a beautiful spot facing the Riyadh fountain with more than 200 seats – both indoor and outdoor – serving authentic, delicious Levantine cuisine as well as Shisha.

Alternatively, Antika is a fascinating tent-like structure in the middle of the desert in Oasis, alongside international brands, also with indoor and outdoor seating. Great food, irresistible Oriental vibes and live entertainment are guaranteed to please everyone. The focus is on the concept of relaxed luxury; people will enjoy a truly memorable experience. 

Very proud to have introduced these two well-loved brands to their customers and fans in Saudi Arabia, 7 Management will soon be structuring in KSA with several other exciting international names from their growing portfolio, which includes lifestyle and hospitality concepts following the runaway success of the venues in Riyadh, with further plans for Jeddah and Khobar in the near future.

With their keen understanding of the market, 7 Management aspires to give the best of the best for tourists and loyal consumers as leaders in the food and beverage industry who won the Best Nightlife Entertainment Group of the Year 2022. As a result, their focus is on constantly rethinking menus and exploring new cuisines and tastes in order to keep guests enticed. The fusion of food, the optimum ambience, unparalleled experiences, the company's restaurants, bars and nightlife concepts are all meant to create engaging experiences, with each brand having its own dynamic and distinct personality that will leave guests enthralled and delighted.

Years spent perfecting the right blend of cuisine and entertainment has already placed 7 Management firmly at the forefront of leading restaurant, lounge and club operators in Beirut and Dubai. Fabulous entertainment keeps you enthralled, and the magic lies between the classic and the ultramodern, the adrenaline pumping tunes and the mellower vibes. We’re here to stay and create more magic. Let us lead the way and love and entertain you.

7 Management’s investments in Dubai alone are astonishing with the company launching three significant concepts in this vibrant emirate in under six months in the midst of a global downturn, determined to make their names world renown. 

The Theater, a 1-year-old UAE-born concept that transformed the nightlife and F&B industries, is now a market leader as well as a music and entertainment institution. Following the great success of the venue, which became the talk of the town in no time, 7 Management continues to pursue its growth strategy across the UAE through highly acclaimed and sought-after Lebanese brands.

Lucia's, an Italian restaurant in Dubai, opened in February, providing an Italian experience that is anchored in tradition but also enjoyed in today's modern diner concept. In addition, February 30, a brand that started as a street venue in Hamra, Beirut, expanded to Dubai as a larger-scale, enhanced beach destination and restaurant on Palm Jumeirah, raising the brand to new heights.

7Management’s outlets take the lead with the latest wins of Best Sundowner Spot for February 30, Best Show of the year for Theatre and Best Party Brunch for Seven Sisters for the year 2022.

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