February 13, 2013

Emirates Business Class, Mumbai-Dubai

You will arrive to your destination fully refreshed with the flat-bed seats. Using the touchscreen controller, you can adjust your seat to suit your own preferences and comfort. Each seat extends to form a flat bed up to 2 meters long. The flat-bed seats are tailored to the way you like to travel, with an in-seat power supply for laptops and extra-large table providing a comfortable workspace. Relax with your large-screen personal entertainment system, along with the built-in mini-bar in every seat, personal storage area and privacy divider - you'll feel leisure at your finger tips.
The meals are presented on Royal Doulton fine bone china with exclusive Robert Welch cutlery – providing Business Class dining that’s unmatched. Enjoy multiple courses and complimentary champagne and vintage wines, along with other cocktails and beverages.
Movies, TV shows, games, music, news and more, all at your fingertips. A touchscreen remote and a state-of-the-art digital widescreen provide access to a whole world of entertainment. Whatever you're in the mood for, whether it’s international movies or your favorite TV program or your choice of music, video games as well as an updated news feed from around the globe – this nice system is a unique piece of technology.
Emirates Airlines impeccable service didn't end at the door of the plane. A chauffeur drive was waiting to accompany us from the airport to the hotel and on arrival at the Dubai airport. A VIP service, all the way from door to door.
I love the little tiny details, mainly the neat, white clean and clear table cloth without any ironing sign on. That's something I hate on board MEA. A major plus is that no trolly travels around the business class cabin. The order is taken before take off followed by individual trays presented during meal time.
On today's breakfast menu:
  • Fruit juices
  • A palette of ripe tropical and seasonal cut fresh fruits
  • Aloe Vera yogurt
  • Anda bhurji with peas: scrambled eggs with fresh green peas, tomatoes, onions and chillies, served with aloo bhartha and kabuli chana masala
  • Ragda peas masala: ragda peas masala served with sukka chana dal and paneer chilla
  • Mexican omelette: farm fresh egg omelette filled with assorted peppers and piquant tomato sauce, accompanied by tender grilled chicken medallions, sautéed woodland mushrooms with herbs, leaf spinach and new potatoes tossed with peppers and fresh parsley
  • Bread basket
My opinion:
Everything on this flight and on all Emirates flights in general is exceptional, except the food. It's not up to the standard of their advertisement.
Royal Doulton and Robert Welch mean nothing if the food is bad.
"The croissants are not fresh and crunchy but chewy and condensed. The main dish is average. A breakfast served with no cheese compared to other airlines that give you a wide selection of possibilities."
Champagne! Fine, but champagne is not everything and it's not what we really care about. The plastic tray is very cheap compared to the fine porcelain plates and silver cutlery. Finally, a meal service that only takes 20 minutes is not what we expect. On MEA to give an a comparison with an incomparable airline, the meal service is much better. Finer food, more choices, better presentation and lots of add-ons that make your meal memorable.
The improvements needed:
  • A piece of dark chocolate is a must at the end of the meal
  • Work more on the freshness of the bread
  • A wider variety of food is a must
  • Premium cheese choices are part of the Business Class experience on all airlines of the world
  • The white ugly menu needs to be changed and improved. Search of a good graphic designer
An impressive airline that needs to work more on the inflight food variety, taste and presentation. We expect much more specially with price paid.





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Emirates Business Lounge, Mumbai International Airport


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