November 25, 2018 Dubai UAE GCC Middle East

The Noodle House: Lunch at the Airport
Non-smokers friendly

I was craving a bowl of noodles! And I finally found it at the airport. Ramen noodles called “wet noodles” and the wok noodles. This food is one I crave on a daily basis trying it in Dubai, Paris, New York and other cities I’ve visited. Unfortunately, I couldn’t satisfy my craving tonight because all the sauces contain garlic. I ended up having a bowl of wok noodles. Located on the upper floor of Dubai’s terminal 1, Concourse D, The Noodle House welcomes you for lunch and dinner.


I like the place, the wood tables, common seating, metal curtain pending from the ceiling and the open kitchen. You can see the flight schedule inside the restaurant to follow on your flight status.


Despite not having my soup noodles, I ended up enjoying three delicious plates of noodles loaded with flavors and rich ingredients, prepared with a certain Asian know-how and that at the airport. Beef and thick noodles, shrimp and angel hair noodles, and thick rounded noodles... I enjoyed my meal at the airport.


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