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Creek Side Japanese Restaurant, Dubai
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The Creek Side offers a one of a kind experience for Japanese cuisine lovers.

Known for its superb dining outlets, the Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel & Towers offers a wide range of authentic dining experiences including exquisite Japanese, award-winning Indian, creative Italian, sumptuous international cuisine, and traditional English pub grub.

This unique Japanese restaurant, that was also recently brought to Dubai, overlooks the country’s creek area from the Sheraton Creek Hotel. Upon entering the restaurant, the manager and staff greets you with a welcoming smile and warm physical language, and if it’s your first time visiting Creek Side, you’ll be guided through the many stations of the restaurant while having the restaurant’s inner workings explained to you.

The stations that are posted throughout the establishment range from sushi and sashimi, local fresh fish (safi, barracuda, sole, squid, mackerel, red snapper, snow fish, sea bream, pink salmon, butterfish, shark), Tepeniaki (choice of fish meat and chicken) live cooking, charcoal grill and fried food… Not to forget the Chinese station of fried rice, steamed rice, tempura prawns, bouillabaisse, steamed potato, chicken and others. It’s essentially a fish and meat lover’s market, with professional chefs waiting to create your champion feast. As you are brought to your table to be seated, you’ll notice the numbered clips that are attached to your plate, these signify to the cook whether you want your meal fried, cooked or flamed.  And as you wait for you food to be prepared, you’ll given the opportunity to enjoy the blue and calm ambiance that transport you to a worldly sea life. With smooth jazz tunes providing a soundtrack for your meal, Creek Side encourages you to relax and enjoy your evening.

The concept behind Creek Side is that customers can walk around the restaurant, since it’s an open buffet, and choose whatever you feel like eating (raw or cooked) with a choice of how you want your meal prepared and seasoned. It’s an all-you-can-eat sort of place, while serving you the classiest and high-end food at reasonable prices. If you decide to visit Creek Side on a weekly basis, you’ll always have a different taste in your mouth, allowing you to explore the ever-changing methods used by the chefs.  I would recommend trying the sashimis, variety of maki and tempura and the giant prawns and if your stomach can handle the strong scent of exposed fish, we strongly recommend you take a step further and try the sashimi white fish.

A downfall, in my opinion, of the Creek Side, is the strong overwhelming smell of oil and fish as you walk in. Since everything is exposed and every ingredient is essentially experienced as everything is cooked live in front of you, it is inevitable!






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