March 13, 2018 Dubai UAE GCC Middle East

The Sheraton Hotel Jumeirah Beach Resort

Arriving at 2 am, the receptionist was waiting for me, greeting and welcoming me with my name. Welcome, Mr. Rahayel. I was checked-in and shown to my room to discover, in 2018 a smoking facility. In 2018, people still smoke in their rooms, a very ugly smell in a twin bedroom when I was clear to have a non-smoking king-size bed. The Sheraton located in the heart of Jumeirah beach resort is an hour away from the airport surrounded by a handful of restaurants facing the newly built Dubai Eye.


This hotel has indeed a perfect location.

Not the newest of hotels I’ve been to, the Sheraton feels old; Wood and gold finish, reflective marble and French renaissance sofas, dark wooden tables at breakfast and thick carpets. The room feels a bit dull, lacking freshness and style as well as the bathroom not equipped with the latest technologies of this decade. They probably need a resort management company to shuffle things.

Problems might occur, it’s how they are handled that makes of a hotel a professional establishment! Staff was welcoming and attentive proposing alternatives to the smoking smell of the room, especially on the next morning. The manager interfered turning my stay into a memorable one.


Breakfast is served every morning until 11 am. Four islands of endless choices with a middle area for live eggs. Fruits, cheeses, hot meals, vegetables, cereals and bread, the hotel caters to families of which I met many. Parents and their kids, old people coming for a touristic visit with very few businessmen; I felt lost!

Endless choices but a lack of attention and cleanliness for a five star; empty bowls, dirty spoons, tablecloth with spots all because the staff was not walking around the tables to perfect the details.

Down at the reception, a professional manager, a big smile on his face, promised a better room for the night. After a cup of coffee, pampered by Jose the restaurant supervisor on duty, I went back up. 

Back to the room, I was positively surprised! An Ozone machine installed in the room cleaning the air absorbing the smoking smell; bravo guys, you rock! It’s not about the problem itself but about how it’s handled; the manager on duty did a great job.

And here is where the interesting story started; posting three photos of breakfast on my Instagram, the hotel spotted me and associated this smoking incident to my name; Pampering started by having a box of dates in the room, a plate of cakes and another of fruits. I was upgraded to a suite and invited for a complimentary dinner on the house. A professional service I was honestly not expecting at all. 


The suite:

  • A seating area
  • A dining table
  • A working desk
  • A large double bed
  • The same bathroom is available in all other rooms.

After a long night sleep, and while checking out, I was welcomed at the reception by the manager, that same manager who pampered me during my stay making sure I leave happy and satisfied. The hotel is old but seems appreciated by a local and international clientele; all rooms were fully booked. Check out the photos and plan your next stay.





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