October 19, 2016 San Francisco California USA Americas

The Workshop Cafe: Come for Coffee and Work
Non-smokers friendly

What a place! What a concept! A coffee shop and a dedicated place for work where only people with a credit card or a ticket can access. An industrial and calm well designed to focus and work.


The floor is covered with wood and concrete, an open counter, two screens displaying the menu and they have a terrace and few seats open for public.

There are a few items on the menu including coffee specialties.

Although the space is amazing, the food is not that great. The egg and cheese bagel doesn’t look appetizing at all. There’s a certain smell in the bagels and the scrambled eggs are dry and mixed with cheese. Not fresh to say the least.

I would stick to a cup of coffee and maybe a yogurt. I tried their Yogurt Fruit Parfait that is served in a cup: Yogurt, granola and red fruits. It is delicious and enjoyable for a start of day.

I loved the concept and the place. I won't be remembering the food much, but would come again for a business meeting.





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