April 29, 2013 Belgium Europe

The World of Designers Hotels: Bloom Hotel, Brussels

Hotel BLOOM! in Brussels has recently renewed the hotel and invited 287 creative young artists from different European countries to paint the rooms of the hotel and make it something unique for the guests. Now guests have the luxury to choose their own favorite room with a hand painted fresco on the wall by their own interpretation of the word ‘bloom’.


The hotel is located near the botanical gardens. With lots of flowers, plants, trees and herbs blossom the whole year. “To bloom” means “to open”, “to grow or to flourish” what totally echoes the building of the hotel.


Overall, at BLOOM! You’ll find no stuck up rules. Forget dress codes, room service or bell boys. We attract people that have an open mind. Because we do things differently!

Smoods Restaurant Hotel Bloom! Brussels Belgium

Today Bloom is one of the most popular hotels in Brussels and won the Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Award for Trendiest Hotel in 2012.

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