June 08, 2013

The World of Designers Hotels: The W Hotel and Apartments, Guangzhou, China

The W Hotel and Serviced Apartments complex is located along the central axis of the new CBD of Guangzhou. To the west of the complex locates the district’s main boulevard - Xiancun Road; and on the other side lies the residential building which is part and parcel of the same urban block.


With a typical city block with an inner landscaped courtyard, the W-hotel and serviced Apartment provides the interface between the tranquil courtyard and the main boulevard.


The Hotel and Serviced Apartments are geometrically ‘stitched’ together to form an integrated building design, giving the development its distinctive shape and character. The resulting building form allows free passages of air, light, and views through the intertwining spaces at the integrated junction, but also revealing the buildings’ distinct individual functions and responses to the differing site contexts.


In essence, the design maintains the integration and continuity of the city as a whole, opens up the inner courtyard with a "Window to The City".


The intervening interior spatial configuration of the complex with its expressively rich composition classifies itself as an unconventional grandeur; fabricating a gracious, welcoming, and surprising ambiance. The glass boxes and the exposed glass fins that animate the western façade create another layer of intricacy to become a city’s iconic sight at night.

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