November 17, 2015 Lebanon Middle East

Think Inside "The BOX" this Christmas (Product Discontinued)

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Most of us are already wondering what to get our loved ones for Christmas… Here’s an idea… Call it a pop-up Christmas feast if you like, straight from NoGarlicNoOnions, The BOX - Christmas Edition contains the ultimate in taste.

Whether you're cooking or eating, giving or receiving, a big part about Christmas is the food. To add more spice to the art of giving this season, NoGarlicNoOnions has prepared a one of a kind exclusive BOX for the season; which we believe will make any recipient happy, especially the foodie in your life. The BOX, Christmas Edition is the ultimate gift idea, sure to please any palate and satiate any craving.

Convenient, fun, and creative and full of tasty treats, The Box, Christmas Edition, is a great way to give the perfect edible gift to a discerning friend or family member on your Christmas list. Whatever their favorite nibbles, they're sure to find some delectable and delicious contained within. 

Better still, The Box, Christmas Edition is nothing more than a click of your mouse. No shopping mall, no long lines, no last-minute stress buys: It's easy, it's fast, and your friends and family will be thrilled to receive it - which we will do on December 24th. 

Think out of the box this season, with The Christmas Box, the perfect selection of rich and rare culinary goodies, handpicked for the foodies in your life.

Don't go wrong, pick up the right Christmas gift for the foodie in your life this holiday season!

Easy subscription in few clicks

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