February 17, 2013

This Is the World's Most Expensive Doughnut

Do you see that item up there that mostly looks like an alien plant? Well, it's actually a doughnut. And not just any doughnut! It's the most expensive doughnut in the world.

Expensive Doughnut

To celebrate National Doughnut Week (which by the way, no one told us about, so you're all fired), Krispy Kreme UK unveiled a concoction on Monday that is priced at £1,000 (or roughly $1,685) at Selfridges' Oxford Street store. What makes it worth all that dough (see what we did there)? Well…

The doughnut's ingredients include a Dom Pérignon vintage 2002 champagne jelly and a raspberry and Chateau d'Yquem crème. If that all sounds like gibberish to you, let us translate: it's made of fancy-ass s--t!

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