May 04, 2022

Tips for Crafting the Ultimate Menu Sign for Your Restaurant

Take your restaurant to the next level by crafting the ultimate menu sign. An aesthetically pleasing menu is just what you need to elevate your business.

Restaurants have the option to create their menu on a sign or a pamphlet. If you choose the former, crafting the ultimate menu sign for your restaurant will be key to drawing your customers’ attention when they walk in the door. Learn how to prepare the perfect menu sign to boost your business and create an aesthetically pleasing environment in your establishment.

Use Large Text With Easy-To-Read Font

If you choose to display your menu on a sign, make sure the text is large and the font is easy to read. That doesn’t mean your sign has to be plain and simple. If you want the design to be more intricate, ask for input from staff and friends, but ensure it is still easy to read before permanently posting your menu.

Gain the Upper Hand Through Psychology

The study of color psychology has shown that specific colors evoke different responses, which can benefit your business. Red makes people hungry, blue is calming, yellow is attention-grabbing, and green is considered a symbol of nature. Thinking about how you want your customer to feel while reading your sign will aid in the design decisions.

Make the Design Cohesive

Avoid adding too many elements to your menu; otherwise, it can become too busy and difficult to read. Be sure the design elements complement each other. If you plan to use an LED digital sign, adding chalkboard elements might look odd and out of place; think carefully about the theme you want to create with your menu.

Optimize the Display

Even though you might have multiple design options to choose from, don’t add so many that your customers begin to feel overwhelmed looking at your menu. Prominently advertise your best dishes in the middle or top corners of your sign—those are usually the first places your customer’s eyes will go when looking at a menu.

Crafting the ultimate menu sign for your restaurant is precisely what you need to make your business stand out from the rest. A unique menu sign attracts more potential customers and promotes a fun experience. What kind of restaurant menu sign will you create?

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